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Measure the size of your finger

You need to know the size of your finger for a ring or measure the size of your partner’s finger to offer him a ring, an engagement ring or a wedding ring. In this article, we will help you to learn and know different techniques for measuring the finger size.


When you are asked for this type of measurement, it is to know the diameter of your finger, as you can well imagine.
With this measure, your jeweller or diamond dealer will be able to give you the best advice and propose a ring that will correspond to your morphology. But above all, knowing the size of your finger size is necessary for your ring to fit your finger or that of your partner and be comfortable to wear. Even if we can always adjust the size of a ring, it is still better to offer a diamond ring, an engagement ring or a wedding ring at the right size the first time. It is important to measure the size of your finger before buying a ring.


The ring binder is a very good technique to easily measure the size of your finger. It is a reliable method to find the right size. For this, you will need your ring binder.


You have two possible methods:
1. With a sewing tape measure: Wrap the tape measure around your finger, at the widest part of your finger to measure its diameter on your tape measure, you measure a circumference of your finger of 5.2 cm, so you simply have to multiply by 10 to find your finger size for the ring.
2. With a sheet of paper, a string… and a ruler: If you don’t have a tape measure, you can use the same technique with a paper tape or a string, wrap it around your finger, then with a pen, mark intersection measure with a ruler and you find the same result as if you use a tape measure.
As a reminder, it is better to do this measurement in the evening and if it is for an engagement ring or wedding ring, measure the left ring finger


Using a ruler, measure the inside diameter of your ring, making sure to be in the center of your ring. As soon as you have the diameter of your ring, use the following calculation method to determine the size of your ring.
Diameter of the inside of your ring x 3.1415 = finger size.

A ring


A Wedding ring


A necklace
An Earring